Jamalpur To Mymensingh Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Jamalpur To Mymensingh Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Jamalpur to Mymensingh is one of the best train routes in Bangladesh. Every day, a lot of people travel on this route to their destination. But it is a matter of sorrow that most of them don’t know the train schedules on this route clearly. If you are also among them, then the post is suitable for you. I came here with all the train schedule information. If you need the information, please keep reading the article carefully.

Jamalpur To Mymensingh Intercity Train Schedule

Firstly, you have to the train schedule before traveling. You may know that there are a total of three trains available on this route, for instance, Tista Express (708), Brahmaputra Express (744), and Jamuna Express (746). I have given here all the train schedules’ elaborate information. Please follow the table below to get the information.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Tista Express (708) Mon 15:22 17:07
Brahmaputra Express (744) No 07:33 09:00
Jamuna Express (746) No 03:10 04:20

Jamalpur To Mymensingh Train Ticket Price

After providing the train schedule information, Now I will provide here the ticket prices on the route. Generally, ticket prices depend on the distance between the two places and seat categories. I have already arranged here all the ticket prices on the route according to the seat categories. Please follow the list below and find out the information if you need it.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 55
Shuvon Chair 65
First Seat 90
First Birth 130
Snigdha 127
AC 150
Ac Birth 219

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