Ishwardi To Akkelpur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Ishwardi To Akkelpur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Bangladesh railway authority has set up many rail lines and stations to continue the proper communication everywhere in Bangladesh. At present, there are lots of train destinations in the country. Among them, Ishwardi to Akkelpur is one of them. It is one of the popular routes to all. So a great number of people travel from Ishwardi to Akkelpur. Here all the train schedules with the train ticket prices of the route are available.

Ishwardi To Akkelpur Intercity Train Schedule

Here I have arranged the schedule of all the intercity trains that run from Ishwardi to Akkelpur.(705), Rupsha Express (727) and Simanta Express (747) are the intercity trains of the route. By train, you will need about 2 hours.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rupsha Express (727) Thursday 11:40 13:45
Simanta Express (747) Monday 01:30 03:35

Ishwardi To Akkelpur Train Ticket Price

If you notice below, you will find a table filled with the train ticket price and the seat category of the Ishwardi to Akkelpur route that will help you select the certain ticket price that suits you very much.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 95
Shuvon Chair 110
First Seat 150
First Birth 220
Snigdha 185
AC 220
Ac Birth 330

I hope you have got all the information that you are looking for. This article will be helpful for you. This is a site full of train-related information. So if you need any information related to the train, then revisit the site.

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