Feni Station Train Schedule

Feni Station Train Schedule

Traveling by train is very enjoyable and saves our time. There are also some advantages to travel by train. So it is beautiful to all. In the evolution of time, there are many railway stations set up in Bangladesh. Feni station is one of them. It is one of the biggest as well as the busiest station. There are lots of trains run from the station. Here I have given two tables, and in one table, I have gathered intercity trains schedules, and another table is for mail trains.

Feni Station Intercity Train Schedule

Feni station intercity train schedule is available here. I want to inform you that from the station about fifteen intercity trains run to other destinations. Here I have arranged sufficient information on the Feni station intercity train schedule.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Mahanagar Godhuli (703) No 16:22 Dhaka 20:55
Mahanagar Provati (704) No 12:02 Chattogram 13:35
Paharika Express (719) Monday 09:16 Sylhet 16:30
Paharika Express (720) Saturday 17:26 Chattogram 18:55
Mahanagar Express (721) Sunday 13:56 Dhaka 18:40
Mahanagar Express (722) Sunday 01:55 Chattogram 03:30
Udayan Express (723) Wed 22:07 Sylhet 05:45
Udayan Express (724) Sunday 04:19 Chattogram 05:50
Meghna Express (729) No 19:25 Chandpur 22:00
Meghna Express (730) No 07:25 Chattogram 08:45
Turna (741) No 12:52 Dhaka 05:15
Turna (742) No 03:42 Chattogram 05:15
Bijoy Express (785) Tue 10:41 Mymensingh 16:25
Bijoy Express (786) Tuesday 03:22 Chattogram 05:00
Chattala Express (801) Fri 07:30 Dhaka 00:10
CHATTALA EXPRESS (802) Fri 18:38 Dhaka 20:10

Feni Station Mail/Express Train Schedule

Maybe you want to know Feni station mail/express train schedule and son you are here. If you want to travel fromFeni station you should know the train schedule. This is why today I am here with all the mail/express trains schedule. Here you will be able to get about 12 mail/express trains schedule with lots of data.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Dhaka Mail (1)
No Dhaka
Chittagong Mail (2) No Chattogram
Karnafuli Express (3) No Dhaka
Karnafuli Express (4) No Chattogram
Jalalabad Express (13)
No Sylhet
Jalalabad Express (14) No Chattogram
Sagarika Express (29) No Chandpur
Sagarika Express (30) No Chattogram
Mymensingh Express (37)
No B. B East
Mymensing Express (38) No Chattogram
Chattala Express (67) Tuesday Dhaka
Chattala Express (68) Tuesday Chattogram

I hope you will be benefited a lot from the article. Come back if you need more information related to the topic. Thank you.

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