Feni To Chittagong Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Feni To Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Feni to Chittagong is not so far. It’s about 87 KM distanced. It may take up to 2-4 hours to arrive Chittagong from Feni. We got the full valid information on this route’s trains schedule and ticket price.

Feni To Chittagong Intercity Train Schedule

There are 8 Intercity trains available here. These trains are luxurious. They have many modern facilities. It has the air-conditioning system. They are so comfortable and safe. The schedules are given below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mahanagor provati (704) No 12:02 13:35
Paharika express (720) Saturday 17:26 18:55
Mahanagor express (722) Sunday 01:55 03:30
Udayan express (724) Sunday 04:19 05:50
Meghna express (730) No 07:25 08:45
Turna (742) No 03:42 05:15
Bijoy express (786) Tuesday 03:22 05:00
CHATTALA EXPRESS (802) Fri 18:38 20:10

Feni To Chittagong Mail Express Train Schedule

Mail express trains are not as much good as intercity trains. These trains don’t have any modern facilities. These trains are not luxurious. So, the ticket prices are very cheap. These trains are also good. You can travel by these trains easily and safely. There are 7 mail express trains available here You can see the schedule. They are given below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Chittagong Mail (02) No 5:25 7:25
Karnafuli express (04) No 15:50 18:00
Jalalabad express (14) No 9:43 12:10
Sagarika express (30) No 17:23 19;25
Mymensingh express (38) No 17:41 21:03
Chattala express (68) Tuesday 18:50 20:30
Laksam (80) Saturday 6:53 8:50

Feni To Chittagong Train Ticket Price

The seat is different in different prices. The tickets are not so much costly if you compare with buses.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 90
Shuvon Chair 110
First Seat 145
First Birth 215
Snigdha 207
AC 248
Ac Birth 368

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