Dhaka To Shaheed M Monsur Ali Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Dhaka To Shahid M Monsur Ali Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Dhaka is the capital, and it is the center of Bangladesh. So there is good communication of all the places with Dhaka. There is also a connection between Dhaka and M Monsur Ali by train. So you can easily travel from Dhaka to M Monsur Ali at any time. In this case, you have to know the train schedule with the route’s ticket price. This is an article full of this type of information.

Dhaka To Shahid M Monsur Ali Intercity Train Schedule

If you want to make a journey from Dhaka to M Monsur Ali, you should know the route’s train schedule. Here I am working for you. I want to inform you that from Dhaka to M Monsur Ali, you will get seven intercity trains. I have given here all the schedules of all the intercity trains in detail.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota Express (705) Tuesday 10:10 13:04
Sundarban Express (726) Wednesday 08:15 11:21
Lalmoni Express (751) Friday 21:45 00:39
Silkcity Express (753) Sunday 14:45 11:55
Padma Express (759) Tuesday 23:00 02:01
Dhumketue Express (769) Saturday 06:00 08:54
Sirajgonj Express (776) Saturday 17:00 20:23

Dhaka To Shahid M Monsur Ali Train Ticket Price

There is the most probable to face problems if you have no idea about the train ticket prices. If you are a passenger on Dhaka to Shahid M Monsur Ali route, collect the following information. I have gathered here all the ticket prices of the route.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 190
Shuvon Chair 225
First Seat 300
First Birth 450
Snigdha 375
AC 450
Ac Birth 670

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