Laksam To Dhaka Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Dhaka To Laksam Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Train Journeys are preferred by many owing to the various benefits they offer. However, some people much rather prefer traveling on their own vehicles or buses to avoid the downside of train Journeys. at times it becomes quite difficult to decide the mode of transport as all these have their own set of pros and cons. If you want to travel from Laksam to Dhaka by train then its time schedule is given below. We will also show the you-ticket price.

Dhaka To Laksam Intercity Train schedule

Train name Off day Departure Arrival
Mohanagar Godhuli (704) No 07:45 11:15
Upakul Express (712) Tue 15:10 19:03
Mohanagar  Express (722) Sunday 21:20 01:10
Turna (742) No 23:15 02:57
Chattala Express (802) Fri 13:45 17:45

Intercity trains are faster. Their qualities are good. they have modern facilities. They have air coolers, prayer roo, proper sanitation management, food canteen, etc. There are 4 Intercity trains that will travel from Laksam to Dhaka. Its time schedule is given below.

Dhaka To Laksam Mail Express Train Schedule

Mail Express trains are a bit slower. They have not so good facilities as the Intercity trains. There have no air coolers. There was no proper sanitation management. Mail Express trains are less costly than there Intercity train express. So it is a very good choice for middle-class people. There are  Intercity trains that will travel from Laksam to Dhaka. Its time schedule is given below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka Mail (01) No 1:00 6:55
Karnafuli express (03) No 13:00 19:45
Dhaka express (11) No 22:55 6:40

Dhaka To Laksam Train Ticket price

In Bangladesh, the train ticket is very cheaper. It’s so beneficial for the poor to afford a train ticket. The train ticket price is given below.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 190
Shuvon Chair 255
First Seat 300
First Birth 450
Snigdha 432
AC 518
Ac Birth 777

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Safety Tips For You

We must follow these rules to ensure our safety.

  • Turn of shutter in a crowded area
  • Don’t smoke on the train
  • Don’t jump on running train
  • Don’t climb on the roof of a train
  • Keep your goods in touch
  • Don’t eat something from an unknown company
  • Take care of your children
  • Don’t run into the running train
  • Always have a kit in your handbag which contains hand sanitizer, face wash, tissue papers, antiseptic cream, band-aids, etc.

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