Dhaka To Brahman Baria Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Dhaka To Brahman Baria Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Daily a huge number of people travel from Dhaka to Brahman Baria (B-Baria) by train and most of them come to the station to collect information about the train schedules and ticket prices that are very painful and they are to stand in a noisy place for hours. This is why I am here all the train schedules and ticket prices of Dhaka to Brahman Baria route.

Dhaka To Brahman Baria Intercity Train Schedule

Dhaka to Brahman Baria is a long-distance route and intercity train is the best for long-distance. If you notice below you will be able to get 7 intercity train schedules with lots of information. So keep reading and collect the information you need.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mahanagor Godhuli (704) No 07:45 09:39
Parabat Express (709) Tues 06:30 08:26
Upakul Express (712) Tuesday 15:10 17:17
Joyentica Express (717) No 11:15 13:11
Mahanagor Express (722) Sunday 21:20 23:28
Turna (742) No 23:15 01:12
CHATTALA Express (802) Fri 13:45 15:55

Dhaka To Brahman Baria Train Ticket Price

Train ticket prices may both cheap and costly. It totally depends on which seat you are using for the train journey. For a high-quality seat, you have to pay a high amount.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 120
Shuvon Chair 145
First Seat 190
First Birth 285
Snigdha 276
AC 328
Ac Birth 489

All the information in this article from a valid source and obviously based on the Bangladesh railway. Have a good journey.

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