Comilla To Bhairab Bazar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Comilla To Bhairab Bazar Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Travel satisfies people’s thirst for happiness and knowledge. For this reason, many people consider it a duty. Generally, land route, waterway, air route can be traveled in these three ways. Train travel is better for long-distance tireless travel on the land route. Every day lots of people travel by train on different routes. Today I am here with all the train schedule information on the Comilla to Bhairab Bazar route. If you are also looking for this information, please stay on the page.

Comilla To Bhairab Bazar Intercity Train Schedule

There is a long-distance from Comilla to Bhairab Bazar, which is almost 106 km, and there are a total of four trains available on this route, namely, Mohanagar Provati (703), Upakul Express (711), Mohanagar Express (721), and Turna Express (741). All the train schedules’ detailed information is given below. Please follow the list below to find out the information.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Mohanagar Godhuli (703) No 17:46 19:44
Upakul express (711) wed 08:00 —-
Mohanagar Express (721) Sunday 15:20 17:10
Turna Express (741) No 01:45 03:27
Chattala Express (67) Tuesday 11:52 13:48

Comilla To Bhairab Bazar Train Ticket Price

You know that there is a long distance between the two places, so the ticket price is a bit high. The lowest price is BDT 105, and the highest price is BDT 426, which depends on the seat categories. Please follow the list below to get more ticket prices.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 105
Shuvon Chair 125
First Seat 165
First Birth 250
Snigdha 236
AC 288
Ac Birth 426

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