Chuyadanga To Joypurhat Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Chuyadanga To Joypurhat Train Schedule With Ticket Price

The demand for people to travel by train is increasing day by day, and most of us have chosen the train as our first choice. There are many advantages to traveling by train which is not available for other modes of transport. That is why railways have spread all over Bangladesh. One of the destinations of this train is from Chuadanga to Joypurhat. This is a well-known destination. We will now know the train schedule along with the train ticket price.

Chuyadanga To Joypurhat Intercity Train Schedule

This article will be informed of the intercity train schedule that runs from Chuyadanga to Joypurhat. I want to inform you that from Chuyadanga to Joypurhat, you will get two intercity trains named Rupsha Express (727) and Simanta Express (747). The detail of the two trains is given below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Rupsha Express (727) Thursday 10:06 14:02
Simanta Express (747) Mon 23:59 03:51

Chuyadanga To Joypurhat Train Ticket Price

The train is available from Chuyadanga to Joypurhat, and so if you want to travel from Chuyadanga To Joypurhat, you have to know the train ticket price. There are various types of train tickets here, for example, Shuvon, First Seat, AC, and so on. Just choose one of them and have a journey.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 180
Shuvon Chair 220
First Seat 290
First Birth 435
Snigdha 360
AC 435
Ac Birth 650

That’s all about the topic. I strongly assure you that there is no mistake here as far as I know in this article, and if you get any wrong something here kindly inform me.

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