Brahmanbaria Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Brahmanbaria Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Brahmanbaria is a well-known city in Bangladesh located in the Chittagong division. Every day a number of peoples are traveling from Brahmanbaria to different places in Bangladesh. Among them, some peoples are using the train for their transport vehicle. I am writing this article for those who want to travel somewhere from Barhmanbaria by the trains. If you one of them, keep your reading from here you will know about all the intercity and mail express train schedule those depart from Brahmanbaria station.

Brahmanbaria Intercity Train Schedule

As you see on the below table, there are a total of fourteen intercity trains depart from Brahmanbaria station; these are Mahanagar Godhuli, Parabat express, Upakul express, Joyentica Express, and Turna Express. These trains have different departing times. Have a look at the below table to know more clearly. If you want a relaxable and comfortable journey, I suggest you choose the intercity trains.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Mahanagar Godhuli (703) No 18:45 Dhaka 20:55
Mahanagar Provati (704) No 09:43 Chittagong 13:35
Parabat express (709) Tues 08:29 Sylhet 13:00
Parabat express (710) Tues 20:08 Dhaka 22:15
Upakul express (711) Wed 09:14 Dhaka 11:20
Upakul express (712) Tuesday 17:21 Noakhali 20:40
Joyentica Express (717) Tuesday 13:15 Sylhet 19:00
Joyentica Express (718) Thursday 17:13 Dhaka 19:25
Mahanagor Express (721) Sun 16:30 Dhaka 18:40
Mahanagor Express (722) Sunday 23:32 Chattogram 03:30
Turna Express (741) No 03:10 Dhaka 05:15
Turna Express (742) No 01:16 Chittagong 05:15
CHATTALA Express (801) Fri 09:57 Dhaka 00:10
CHATTALA Express (802) Fri 15:59 Chittagong 20:10

Brahmanbaria Mail Express Train Schedule

From Brahmanbaria station, there are a lot of mail train runs to different places in Bangladesh. About 10 mail express trains are available from this station to go somewhere. But it is better to say that mail express trains are not luxurious like the intercity trains. You never get a relaxable journey in the mail train as like the intercity trains. But the mail express also good for the short travel. Have a look at the below chart.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Dhaka Mail No Dhaka
Chittagong Mail No Chittagong
Karnafuli express No Dhaka
Karnafuli express No Chittagong
Surma Mail No Sylhet
Surma Mail No Dhaka
Dhaka Express No Dhaka
Noakhali Express No Noakhali
Titas Commuter No Dhaka
Titas Commuter No Dhaka
Titas Commuter No Akhaura
Mymensingh Express No B.B East
Mymensingh Express No Chittagong
Chattala Express Tuesday Dhaka
Chattala Express Tuesday Chittagong
Comilla Comuter Tuesday Dhaka
Comilla Comuter Tuesday Comilla

All the information in this article is based on the Bangladesh Railway. If you have any queries, don’t forget to inform me by commenting on the below comment box. Please share this article with others and allow them to know more.

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