Brahmanbaria To Maijgaon Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Brahmanbaria To Maijgaon Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Are you planning to travel from Brahmanbaria to Maijgaon by train? If you are, then you have to collect the train schedules first. Here will be discussed this topic and the article will help you that I hope. Brahmanbaria is a district of the Chittagong division and Maijgaon is a railway station which is located in the Sylhet division. The distance from Brahmanbaria to Maijgaon is almost 193 km which is a long way. Follow the text below to get all the train schedules on the route.

Brahmanbaria To Maijgaon Intercity Train Schedule

There are available only two trains on the Brahmanbaria to Maijgaon route. These are Parabat Express (709) and Jayantika Express (717). The Jayantika Express runs regularly and Parabat Express also runs regularly except Tuesday. I have already given here the trains’ departure and arrival with the list below. Please follow the list.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Parabat Express (709) Tuesday 08:29 11:55
Joyantika Express (717) Tuesday 13:15 17:41

Brahmanbaria To Maijgaon Train Ticket Price

The Brahmanbaria to Maijgaon route ticket price is starting from BDT 175 for the Shuvon category and the highest price is BDT 708 for the AC Birth. There are also available more ticket options. Please check the list below to get all the ticket price options.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 175
Shuvon Chair 205
First Seat 275
First Birth 410
Snigdha 397
AC 472
Ac Birth 708

After providing all the train schedules and ticket prices’ information of the Brahmanbaria to Maijgaon route, I came to the last part of the article. I hope the article will help you and you will be benefited from the article. If you want to know more information, please scribe a comment. Thank you.

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