Brahmanbaria To Noakhali Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Brahmanbaria To Noakhali Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Journeys always a pleasure to all. when we go on a journey our hearts leap up with joy. our greatest pleasure is on a journey by train. A journey by plane is costly. a journey by bus is risky and uncomfortable but a journey by train is pleasant and safe and comfortable. Are you wishing to travel from Brahmanbaria to Noakhali by train? then we will give you the time schedule of Brahmanbaria to Noakhali express and we will also show you the ticket price

Brahmanbaria To Noakhali Train Schedule

There are two trains that will take you to Noakhali from Brahmanbaria by train. we are giving you it’s time schedule. please have a look for yourself. thank you.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Upakul express (712) Tues 17:29 21:20
Noakhali express (12) No 00:41 5:50

Brahmanbaria To Noakhali Train Ticket Price

In Bangladesh, we can buy easily the tickets on the train. We can buy it from the railway station by connecting with the workers who are at the ticket counter. Again we can also buy it with the help of e-ticket if we have insufficient time. the train ticket price of Brahman Bariya to Noakhali express is given below. don’t forget to take a look.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 130
Shuvon Chair 155
First Seat 205
First Birth 305
Snigdha 214
AC 351
Ac Birth 524

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Please abide by these rules during a train journey:

Bangladesh train is safe but you have to stay alert and Keep your goods carefully and take care of it. Don’t eat something from someone you don’t know. It is highly recommended to avoid suspects.

If you feel anything fishy you can contact with Bangladesh Railway Police.Bangladesh Police Emergency number: 999

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