Badargonj To Parbatipur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Badargonj To Parbatipur Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Today I will share the train schedule with the train ticket prices of the Badargonj to Parbatipur route. Badargonj to Parbatipur is not a long-distance, only 47 KM, and lots of trains run on the route daily according to the schedule fixed by the Bangladesh Railway.

Badargonj To Parbatipur Intercity Train Schedule

The intercity train is desirable to all and most of the time we find the train to make the journey enjoyable and boring-free. There is also an intercity train named Dolonchapa Express (767) that runs from Badargonj to Parbatipur. It will need about 40 minutes for the trip.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Dolonchapa Express (767) Sunday 18:05 18:45

Badargonj To Parbatipur Train Ticket Price

Before traveling, you have to know the train ticket prices unless you may face problems. Today I have gathered here about all the train ticket prices of Badargonj to Parbatipur to get a clear conception about the trip.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 50
Shuvon Chair 55
First Seat 90

That’s all about the topic. If you want to get all the informant about the topic or any train-related topic, inform us. Thank you.

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