Akkelpur Station Train Schedule

Akkelpur Station Train Schedule

Akkeplur station is one of the biggest and busiest rail stations in Bangladesh. Every a number of trains run on the station to various places with its passengers. Traveling by train is very easy and recreational to all. You can travel from Akkelpur to any place in Bangladesh by both intercity or local train. This is why you have to know all the train lists as well as their destination from Akkelpur and the departure, arrival time of the trains. All the information is given below.

Akkelpur Station Intercity Train Schedule

If you notice below then you will found that there is a list of seven intercity trains that travel from Akkelpur to various places in Bangladesh and you will be able to get information on where and when the trains go from Akkelpur to other destinations. For more information, keep your eyes below.

Train Name Off Day Departure To Arrival
Ekota Express (706) No 01:47 Dhaka 07:50
Rupsha Express (728) Thu 11:40 Khulna 18:20
Barendra Express (732) Sun 08:26 Rajshahi 11:10
Drutojan Express (758) No 12:12 Dhaka 18:55
Nilsagar Express (766) Sun 23:02 Dhaka 05:30
Simanta Express (748) Mon 21:48 Khulna 04:20
Titumir Express (734) Wed 18:35 Rajshahi 21:30
Banglabandha Express (804) Sat 14:11 Rajshahi 17:35

I have completed the article just now. I think now you can travel anywhere from Akkelpur by station. I always try to make the article free from errors and mistakes so that you can make proper use of the article. Have a nice journey.

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