Subarna Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Subarna Express Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Subarna Express is the first luxurious non-stop intercity train in Bangladesh. This train connects the Capital with Chittagong. That’s why this is one of the busiest trains on the route. Thousands and thousands of people daily travel through Subarna Express.

Subarna Express

Subarna Express train made his first debut in 1st Boishakh 1998. Subarna Express is one of the top train services in Bangladesh. It is popular for it’s fast and reliable service. It is also famous for aristocrats. Because it has only one stoppage which is at Dhaka airport station. This train only runs on Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka route. And no stoppages except the Dhaka airport station. The information was taken from Bangladesh official railway site.

Train Number Route Classes Off Day
701, 702 Dhaka to Chittagong & Chittagong to Dhaka Ac Sleeper, Ac Chair & Non- Ac Monday

Features of Subarno Express

This train got well-known features for you. All the features are given in the following. You can enjoy these features while traveling with Subarno Express

  • Prayers Zone
  • Government Guide, who carries the first aid box.
  • Ac Seat
  • Food compartment and food car
  • Special Toilets

What more do you need? This train got this kind of luxurious features available for you.

Chittagong To Dhaka Schedule

The city of port Chittagong is connected with the capital Dhaka with Subarna express train. People travel in this route very peacefully. Chittagong to Dhaka is about 258 KM distanced. It can take up to 6 – 8 hours or more to arrive Dhaka from Chittagong. It has only one-off day, which is Friday. Check the Chittagong to Dhaka schedule below:

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Subarna Express Mon 07:00 12:20

Dhaka To Chittagong Train Schedule

The same train with the opposite route. You can also arrive in Chittagong from the capital Dhaka. Dhaka to Chittagong is approximately 248 KM distanced and it usually takes 5- 8 hours to reach the port city from Dhaka. Look at the schedule below:

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Subarna Express Mon 16:30 21:50

Related Schedule and Ticket Price:

 Chittagong To Dhaka Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Subarna Express Train Journey Break Station

The Subarna Express train has only one break station which is Biman Bandar. The Uptime and Down Time of Subarna Express train has given in below.

Station Name Up Time (701) Down Time (702)
Biman Bandar 11:45 16:57

Subarna Express Train Ticket Price

Subarna Express train breaks in Chittagong. You can enter the train from this station. The seat ticket price is given below in BDT currency. Shuvon chair seat is starting from 355 BDT and Snigdha is 673 BDT.

Station S. Chair Snigdha
Chittagong 355 673

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Online Train Ticket Booking For Dhaka to Chittagong Train

You can buy Subarna Express train tickets online. You don’t need to stations for schedule and ticket prices nowadays. You can buy it from your home using the internet. Bangladesh Esheba is providing the train ticket through the internet. Check the full details below:

Buy Tickets Online

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