Sonatala To Bonarpara Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Sonatala To Bonarpara Train Schedule With Ticket Price

The train is one of the most popular transportation to communicate from one place to another place. When we make a plane to travel somewhere, the thinking of traveling by train comes to our mind first. Almost everywhere we can go by train. Like that, Sonatala to Bonarpara also has a rail line connection, and many people travel on the route by train.

If you are so much willing to travel from Sonatala to Bonarpara, you have to know some important information like the train schedule and the train ticket price. This article has decorated this type of information below.

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Sonatala To Bonarpara Intercity Train Schedule

I hope you want to make a journey from Sonatala to Bonarpara, and so you are here. Well, I want to inform you there are four intercity trains run on the route with passengers. All the train names, as well as their departure and arrival times, are given below.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Karutoa Express (713) No 10:30 11:05
Lalmoni Express (751) Fri 04:45 05:13
Dolonchapa Express (767) Sunday 14:52 15:12
Rangpur Express (771) Monday 16:26 16:43

Sonatala To Bonarpara Train Ticket Price

If you want to travel from Sonatala to Bonarpara, you must know the train ticket prices unless you may face many problems. This is why today I have gathered here all kinds of ticket prices along with their seat category.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 45
Shuvon Chair 50
First Seat 90
First Birth 110
Snigdha 100
AC 110
Ac Birth 130

Ticket prices are reasonable considering the distance of this route. Have a safe journey. Thank you for visiting our website.

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