Kulaura To Akhaura Train Schedule And Ticket Price

Kulaura To Akhaura Train Schedule With Ticket Price

Railway train is still a popular means of transport in our country. it has its own charm and pleasure. although, trains get late you beyond our expectations, yet people prefer traveling by train. Travel by train is comparatively cheaper and safer. Its seats are more Rummy than those of buses and wagons. Here we will provide you by Kalaura to Akhaura train schedule and ticket price.

Kulaura To Akhaura Train Schedule

There are two trains that will travel through Kalaura to Akhaura route. The time schedule is given here, please take a look

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Kushiara Express (18) No 18:10 23:50
Sylhet commuter (94) Fri 8:54 13:50

Kulaura To Akhaura Train Ticket Price

Kalaura to Akhura train ticket price is given below. we can buy it from the ticket counter. again, we can buy it with the help of an e-ticket. Those are not costly at all.

Seat Category Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shuvon 125
Shuvon Chair 145
First Seat 195
First Birth 290
Snigdha 282
AC 334
Ac Birth 501

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Some important tips:

Bangladesh train is safe but you have to stay alert and Keep your goods carefully and take care of it. Don’t eat something from someone you don’t know. It is highly recommended to avoid suspects. Never jump from the running train.

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